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Drug Tests and Medical Marijuana in Florida

Medical Marijuana and Drug Testing in Florida, TruCare Labs

Governor Ron DeSantis’ recent signing of SB 182 repealed the ban on smoking medical cannabis and put it back on the table in Florida. Since passage of the original medical marijuana legislation, patients can receive certification for medical marijuana from their doctors — not prescriptions, those are not legal. Therefore, access to medical marijuana is already part of the culture in Florida. So, what does that mean for drug tests?

Medical Marijuana and the Florida Workplace

Key things for both employers and employees to understand when it comes to the new laws in Florida:

  1. Employers can still maintain a ‘drug-free’ workplace. That means they can set forth drug-free policies and enforce those policies with random and routine drug tests.
  2. Marijuana remains illegal on the federal level.
  3. Employers run a risk for liability for accidents that find cannabis use may have been a factor.

Breaking an employer’s drug policy can cost you your job, just like it did this nurse.

Drug Policies and Drug Testing

The point to take away, for employers, is to have a clear drug policy in place and have employees sign it. Follow these up with the required drug tests — required by law once you enact your policy. It is important to keep your workplace safe and drug free. Check out these statistics from a substance abuse study in Ohio (Source):

  • A 91 percent decrease in absenteeism
  • An 88 percent decrease in problems with supervisors
  • A 93 percent decrease in mistakes in work
  • A 97 percent decrease in on-the-job injuries

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